Financing a positive cash flow

Hello all,

I am primarily a rehabber, but finding good deals in my area has been a challenge lately. There are however, many positive cash flow apartment buildings in my area for sale.

Typically, I would use hard money for a rehab, but this would not work for a buy and hold cash flow.

Is anyone familiar with getting financing for a positive cash flow apartment building? I don’t have the funds for a down payment. So if there is a creative way to work this, any help would be appreciated.



You could look into using a HML to get in & rehab it, then refi according to seasoning guidelines of the lender. Of course that’s a very general statement, so you should talk to a local HML. Look for ads that say “No doc” “Investor loans” “rehab loans”. In my experience, that’s been a clue they deal with a HML. Hope that helps. :beer