financing a convenience store

My husband and I are looking for quick financing for a convenience store. He has owned the business for five years. The business is worth about $400,000. and about 70,000. in inventory which we own free and clear.
The problem is we were trying to buy the real estate for the past five years and the owner did not want to sell…now he does and we have a purchase agreement with him for $260. The property is in Mi. so I doubt it would appraise for that much but it would be close.
A little over a year ago we purchased another store, real estate included. We bought it at a great price and are selling it but don’t have the purchase agreement yet. We NEED our funds from that sale for the down payment on the first store or we won’t qualify as we have too little down AND our credit score has been greatly lowered as a result of store #2 not being profitable.
It has caused us to go 30 days late on a few bills.
I can assure anyone that would consider lending to us that our house and cabin payment has not gone late. The payment for store #2 has gone late as we are tried to force it to stand on its own. I would guess our scores are low 600 to high 500, my husbands may be a little higher than mine.
If we don’t close on store #1 we may lose the business as the land lord will sell to another guy who will evict us in order to not have to buy our business…which my husband built by working 7 days a week 15 hours a day. This store is our major meens of income. The Real profit is about $12,000. per month before we take out money to support store #2. We are sure the buyer wants store #2 but he’s dragging his feet trying to stall through the winter months (were in Mi. and it effects business) we can’t wait that long.
To make a long story short we need the money to purchase now. Is there anyone that can help? We have about 20,000 for closing and down payment, the owner will carry 25,000. And we own the 70,000 in inventory and a very substancial business.
Please email me if you can help.
We do not want a prepayment penalty as we would pay a substantial amount down when we close on store #2. Our current rent payment is $2150.00 which is very affordable and has never gone late. Payments could be taken out of our business checking auto withdrawl.
Thank you,