Financial calculators

I need a financial calculator, as mine bit the dust, and I didn’t like it anyway. If anyone could tell me what they use, or like, it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Try these:

Can’t be carried in your pocket but it’s a very useful link.

Da Wiz


Try the Hewlett Packard 10 B II, you can carry it with you to calculate those creative real estate deals.

John $Cash$ Locke


I also use the the Hewlett Packard 10 B II and like it pretty well. I’m not a huge fan of Russ WHitney’s but like and use his on-line “mortgage loan calculator”:


Thanks for the responses everyone, I just picked one up at office depot. And thanks for the links as well.

I also use the BA II plus. Great calculator, I used it in college for finance and should be great for anything you need to do in REI.

I use the TI BA II Plus. Fits right in shirt pocket, purse, you can wear it as a broach, belt buckle… :smiley:

How much weight does it actually add to your purse?


OH…no more than my bottle of Flintstones vitamins

I still use the 10/10 system .(10 fingers and 10 toes)

CCIM uses the HP, so I’m going to buy one of those. I have a Texas Instruments financial calculator that I bought from Amazon. It works fine and I keep in my computer case. I used to keep it in the car, but kept forgetting that it was in there.

I’m a huge fan of excel. With a PDA you can store sheets on there for portability. Excel let’s you totally customize.