Finance rehab & carrying costs?

anyone know of institutional lenders who allow you to finance rehab costs and a few months payments in the acquisition of the property? What kind of ltv’s ? Hard money (65% - 70% is too low). I will need about 85% ltv. Great credit. Can pay higher points, and/or rate depending if necessary as long as there are no prepay penalties. Thanks! :slight_smile:

There are only a couple conventional lenders that will do this.

One will even do with stated income.

Most of the conventional lenders who have a rehab program will require 10% down.

Have you considered speaking to a local bank in your area? Their commercial loan department may be able to set you up.

I just got a 100% hard money loan from Investors Mortgage Lending. The after repair value has to be high enough for a loan of this kind but there are lenders out there that will lend you the money.My property was 52k and appraised at 110k the repair allowance was 13k plus they rolled in all the cost.I didn’t have to put out a dime. Hope this will help you.

Hopper :wink:

Oh,there is also no prepay penelty either.

Thanks Hopper! I thought the 100% program was for premium property - (i.e. no repairs needed). I’ll definitely check that out!

I hadn’t thought about approaching the commercial division of a bank, Ben. Novel idea. Do they have programs for this or is this just something you could work out with them?

10% down would work for me in some cases if it’s 10% - can you send me any details? Thanks for your help! :smiley: