Filthy Riches...who has done this program....

Has anyone done Larry Goins Filthy Riches…I am currently wholesaling but am interested in creating cash flow and selling notes…so the concept is interesting, however, not sure how plausable it is. If anyone has really done his program with success I would like to know how it worked out for you and how it compares to wholesaling, because I have to go through a lot of negative unmotivated sellers to find the motivated one and would rather just be giving offers on MLS listings.


Maybe it’s just me, but when a guru uses the words “Filthy Riches”, it makes me want to turn the other way and run as fast as I can away from them.

I do not know this guy or his course but I’ve been a REI for over 12 years and use my notebrokering talents in every deal I make. If your a REI then you should have some note brokering in your arsenal. I took a course online over 12 years ago and the leader today would be Eddie Speed when it comes to Notes.

I have not done the program, but did listen to a seminar he gave that outlined the procedure. Basically you find houses in the MLS under 30k and offer 5k to the seller. You keep giving offers until you find a motivated seller. Then you either flip it to a first time investor, or do a lease option to a first time homebuyer. Either way you offer the property with low down and carry a note for the remaining balance or sell the note if you need the cash right away for your next deal. My impression was it was a lot of work, submitting offers all day long until you hit the jackpot. Hope this helps!