Filling Out Purchase Agreement

Well since my last post on Sunday, the FSBO accepted my offer. verbally (that is great news), but now I have to put it in writing. What is the best way to put in writing that it is contingent upon some inspections. Do you have thoughts on who to hire for these inspections (plumbing, pest, and electrical), but I don’t want a sales pitch from each inspector?

Also, since this is an estate sale, who will do the closing…his attorney or my title company?

Thanks for your help,

Generally who ever has the title open will do the closing. I would imagine the attorney would. You want to have an inspection addendum to the purchase and sale agreement stating you have X number of days to inspect the property and approve of it, until the time runs out you have an out on the contract. As for the inspection I use WIN (world inspection network) They provide a very detailed inspection report for about 300$.