Fiji Anyone?

I just came across a deal in Fiji a chance to own a Island now here is the deal it is only accessible by boat (well duhh it is a Island). The Island is 2493 acres. I am thinking about building it as a private resort. Has anyone here ever done anything outside of our nation like this before? I have the financial backing to do this what do you think about this idea I could subdivide into say 100 acre parcels and build custom homes. The highest cost is getting supplies down there! It would cost almost 1mil. to build a 4000sf house this might be fun I think. As I already have ran this by a great connection I have who has people that already want to buy these houses for double that price. I have never done anything like this personally but how hard could it be!


Contact me—I’m interested and I have backers. BIG backers

WOW!! What an opportunity. I wish I had a shot at something like that. Of course, you will due your due diligence. As for access to the island, I would suggest a small airport/heliport. This would help with the transport of supplies. Have you considered fire/police dept, shopping, schools, hotels, etc.? Maybe building a small town? This deal could become a great retirement situation for you. I would be interested in knowing how this turns out for you. GOOD LUCK!!