Fighting with bank need help!

I have located a property that was foreclosed on four years ago and I believe the property is still owned by the bank. I have pulled the Certificate of Title that was given to the bank in the foreclosure action and it has two properties on it. (I think the original owner had a blanket mortgage on the properties) The other property was sold off shortly after the foreclosure but this one has been empty for four years . The taxes are four years delinquent and I called the electric company and they said there has been no power going to the house since the foreclosure. I’ve searched the public records for all the deeds given from this bank and not one of them have this property on it.

I have called the bank and talked to several different people and all of them say “it’s not on my list of current REO’s so it’s not ours, we must have sold it”

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do?

The bank is Bank of America.


That sounds very interesting! Sounds like you’ve done a great job of research so far. I’m not sure if an official title search from a title company would have more info than you’ve already found, but it may be worth looking into. Interested to hear what you find.


Go to the bank with you’re research and show them that they own the house…if they say they still don’t know, walk right into the President of the Bank’s office and say, " I want to offer you $_______ for this REO today that you’ve had sitting here for 4 years!" I promise you, something will happen one way or another.

I’m having a similar problem title searches by owner turned up several properties in my area that the banks have no records of, and when I contact their RE agents, the agents know nothing about the property LOL. They probably foreclosed on the other property and never even realized that they got two in the deal.

Which bank are you talking too? Many of the regional banks pass some of their foreclosed properties to asset managment companies, but keep the deed until they are paid. They may not show this property on their list of REO because of this.

I have had some great luck with some of the major lenders, don’t give me more information than you are comfortable with, but if you let me know what bank it is and what city, I will contact some of the asset managment companies I work with and see if I can find out anything. No matter how good the deal, I assure you I won’t attempt to purchase it.

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