Fighting foreclosure

According to many, the foreclosure crisis is over, but don’t try telling that to the thousands of Americans who are still fighting to keep their homes. While the worst of the foreclosure crisis may be behind us, many people are still struggling to recover. Just because the crisis is over on paper doesn’t mean that people facing foreclosure aren’t experiencing a crisis. For people struggling to make their payments, nothing is more overwhelming than the thought of losing their home. The home is for most people, a person’s greatest financial investment. Losing it now is out of the question. If people approach foreclosure with that attitude and a willingness to fight to keep their home, there’s a good chance they can come out on top.

Seek help

In America, we’re taught to work hard and be independent. These American ideals make it hard for many to seek help when it comes to avoiding foreclosure. When a homeowner is facing foreclosure, often the first tendency is to refuse help. While the idea that a homeowner can fight foreclosure alone is honorable, it’s not exactly true. Foreclosure is a complicated process that the average person doesn’t know a lot about. One of the best things a homeowner can do to avoid foreclosure is swallow his/her pride and seek the help of a foreclosure prevention counselor. With professional help on their side, homeowners have a much better chance at weathering the storm.

Watch out for scams

What many homeowners don’t realize is that foreclosure is a public process. That means anybody can go to the records office and get information about people who are going through foreclosure. Scammers out to make an easy buck can get access to homeowners contact information. When people come calling with promises to stop the foreclosure process, it’s a scam. Homeowners should be careful about who they choose to work with. A housing counselor will provide assistance for free. If a person offers to help for a fee or makes promises that can’t really be guaranteed, they’re just trying to profit off the desperate.

Don’t wait

In a foreclosure, the homeowner’s greatest ally is time. Early on in the process is the best time to seek help in fighting it. Unfortunately, early on in the process is when homeowners are least likely to realize they need the help. So even if a homeowner has only just fallen behind on mortgage payments, it’s never a bad idea to seek help. Waiting only limits a homeowner’s options.

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In the beginning of the foreclosure process, homeowners can still save money, their credit or their house if they act quickly. Even when declaring bankruptcy, avoiding a foreclosure on your credit report can salvage your ability to rebuild credit and buy another house, which makes the struggle against a possible foreclosure well worthwhile.

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One way to fight foreclosure is file for bankruptcy protection, in some states you can file multiple times to get more time in your home but it will drastically damage your credit rating. So its a catch 22.

I guess nobody is saved from a foreclosure, however, did you know that there are states, they called lien theory states, that if you finance home, you are legally have right to hold title on the house. In Title Theory States, lending institution holds the title on you house.

I think every investor should learn the forbearance process. Not only will you save some sellers from an foreclosure there could have been avoided, but you will also pick up deals that you would’ve never gotten when others remember the help they got from you and need yet again, this time with the sale.