fierce competition

with so many real estate investors around, good deals in REO seem to disappear in a blink.

a newbie here - any strategies for how to jump in quick and pick up the property you want without overpaying.

i’m itching to get my first deal done - preferably a 2/2 condo in the $100 range within an hour drive of seattle, wa.

completely agree - competion is so fierce and it is so much info to absorb. making a dumb newbie like me practically paralized out of fear of making a mistake.

i am a wimp - i admit it!

so in the meantime just trying to focus on LEARNING.

Trust me Ruth, you’re not a “wimp”…perhaps overly cautious, but not a wimp.

The deal’s not right unless you’re comfortable with it…

Keep looking and learning, you’ll find it!


Exactly Keith

Its all about adjectives! :wink:

The deals are out there, you just have to find and reconize them. Don’t worry about your competition too much, you will just get yourself upset. Set yourself your own goals and follow through on them. Also set yourself standards, just don’t follow the crowd. And remember “experts” usually end up wrong. Remember all them “experts” that recommended Enron in 2000? How great the company was and all? Where are those experts now? They are recommending Real Estate!

Dan is right…we have a certain set of parameters from which we will not deviate…my realtor knows what they are and she gives me the ‘heads-up’ on things that meet the qualifications…so far, so good…


competition-The art of finding new ways of doing things to keep you different and better then anybody else.

Change the way you do business I love competition its the only thing that drives us to change the way we think and do business. Without it I just would not have any fun at all…

Change the way you think take a little of everything that yo

you learned from every book and combine them to be yourself!

Sorry had to finish that thought

I guess I do O.K. I havent worked in a while I could see why someone would doubt what is going on I would to if I were starting out! All I know is 99% of the people out there are not teaching you everything you need to know that will put you way ahead of the of competition. Summer is here and the fishing is to good to work for now so as soon as the fish quit getting hooked to my fishing pole and leave me alone I might get back to work…

There are always Real Estate investments out there. You just have to keep looking.
I have been investing in New York (Started on Long Island, then the city, then upstate New York) since 1992. I have bought all kinds of rentals and fixer-up properties and have gone to and bought from some auctions.
I have recently (2003) found great success in Florida, such so that I moved to Florida 10 Months ago, leaving my properties in NY to be managed by my management company.
Here in Florida we are now setting up shop for investment in New Construction Flips. My partner just had a Real Estate Investment group (130 People) from Colorado come here and look over this investment. They are very excited and looking forward to getting into the New Construction Craze in Florida.

So I reiterate, don’t give up. Keep looking. Think outside of your investment box. There are all kinds of real estate deals out there.




I will actually be in Colorado this weekend to visit with my wife’s family and do some fishing…we need the break!



What part of Colorado? Where do you live?

Live in Louisiana and will be in Eagle/Vail for a long weekend…