FHG Investment Group Inc. Sugarland,TX

Has anyone ever heard of a Investment Group called FHG Investments Group INC out of Sugarland, TX. This investment group has a Cash Reward Program of 500 -1500 if you bring them property. I am leary about this company because the registration form is asking for some basic information but then they ask for your social security number which does not sound right. If anyone has ever dealt with this company are is currently working with this company doing some bird-dogging please advise.

I don’t have any experience with this company. However, if they are asking you for your SS#, you should NOT get involved with them.


i agree. basically sounds like they’re paying u a fee for bird-dogging for them. why do they need your SSID??
sounds fishy to me.

If they are legitimate business they will need your SS number once they pay you. If you receive $600 or more they will need to issue you a 1099 in order for them to put in their books and for you to pay the taxes of that amount. Hope that helps!

very true. but rarely do investors ask that of birddogs before paying them.
[and most don’t even then]

well i wrote the company and did get a reply. they said they only need my ssn once they have completed a deal. i am trying to get them to sign an agreement form with me to ensure that i get paid