FHA Short Sale Success

I want to re ask this question. Has anyone been successful on a shortsale that was insured by FHA? If I am correct FHA will insure up to a certain percentage of the BPO. So I am curious if anyone has been successful in negotiating a short sale that was insured by FHA
Thanks in advance

yes and the experts at that is Charter Mortgage Bank located in NJ , they helped me all the way and the fee wasn’t bad either!contact them @ via fax 973-582-3761 they stopped taking calls because of such a high demand for these type of short sales but they call you back within 1-2 hours or sooner, try em out!

Thanks for the reply.

Call me old fashioned but I would like to talk to someone before I start faxing information someplace. I don’t care if they are busy or not.

I fax them a request to call me? Seems a little questionable to me.