FHA Mfg Hm requirements

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“………In Texas, if you cut off the tounge, tack it to perminant piers, skirt around the wole home and grade the dirt away from the home it can qualify for an FHA loan………”


a question I have not been able to find an answer to is what the requirements are for an FHA loan on manufactured homes. In the past I was ALWAYS told FHA & VA had to be on a stem wall… I have also been told the home must not be a repo &/or moved from its original location.

now I’m hearing folks say this is no longer so
so far 2 realtors, banks & google have not given me a straight answer.

also, aren’t the FHA requirements the same in all states?



FHA loans on manufactured homes are common. The rules you stated are correct, ecept for the part about repos. As long as the home has not been moved it is fine. The problem is most of the time when a home is repo’d, they tow it to a new location. Which in turn disqualifies the property for an FHA loan. You are more likely to find a manufactered home in foreclosure that you can pick up cheap. The other issue is the foundation. The foundation has to meet FHA engineering specifications; if does not pass inspection you may have to put in a new foundation.