Fellow investor joining the forum.

Hello all my name is Max. I live and invest in the Houston TX metro area. I currently have 3 rental properties consisting of 6 families. I have been reading the " fixer jay" books before hand and finally got off the fence and started buying. I own a triplex, duplex (back half still being rehabbed) and a coastal resort beach house rental. So far so good with my choices. The last duplex I am working on was and is a major rahab. Got busted by inspectors and now have much more work and red tape to make it though. The front house reted in a week but we are now hacking at the back one. All properties are on cash flow 1st appreciation 2nd basis. Stay green and grow! I plan on buying 2 properties a year as long as I can. So this brings me here to meet and learn form other investors and hopefully teach someone something one day!

Let me be the first to wish you a hardy welcome to forum…


Scott Miller

Welcome I am in Houston as well.

That’s impressive. I look forward to learning from you…

thanks for the welcomes! Looking forard to doing this full time but for now baby steps. Bluemoon06 what areas do you invest in?

Mostly Spring. I have a couple in Tomball. Some out west of Houston but not to Katy.

Great to hear! I am trying to spread my eggs a bit. Triplex on the north loop edge of the heights, Duplex in Pasadena and a beach house in Surfside. My house on the southloop will be the next rental… we think

I know some Houston investors. The market is doing great for serious investors. Some are not doing so well since the homes are on the market a little longer this year.

Welcome… I see the Dallas area is great for being poised for the Housing Rebound… I tend to invest in Indiana… Thank goodness it was ranked #2 behind TX for the rebound.

It was an interesting article on CNNMoney.com

Welcome to the Forum!

Curious what you got busted for…Not having permits?..I’m also curious if homeowners can pull their own electric/plumbing permits in Houston?..In Virginia homeowners can pull them, even for a room addition, believe it or not…

Welcome to the site…Look forward to getting to know you…



Yea no permits, the city came by to tow a vehicle next door parked in the street and we were putting in windows. Shut us down on the spot. Only a master contractor can pull these permits. I pulled the remodeling permit. Pisses me off my dad is a remodeler and he has done 250+ homes without permits and got busted once. I got shut down n my 2nd rehab.

Busted by a tow truck driver…