Okay so I see A LOT of questions from people wondering what they should charge for Bird-Dogging.

I even saw one posting where a guy answered and suggested 10 bucks was a good fee for Bird-Dogging…he HAD to of been referring to the lazy Bird-Dogs that merely send cold, unresearched, leads to everyone on their dustribution list.

There is no way in hell a good Bird-Dog would accept 10 bucks. A good Bird-Dog takes what they do very seriously and does ALL of the work and creates a good presentation on each property before presenting to their investor/investors. At least this is what I do!! And you know what, it pulls me in .5% of the ARV for each property with no problem. (So for those who have a hard time with #'s, if the ARV of a property is $300K, and my fee is .5%, that would be $1,500 for me)

If you take pride in your work, go out of your way to present quality information, and eliminate most of the work for the investor, they will have no problem paying you for your time, AND they will use you over and over again!!

It is a very powerful resource to have solid, trusting relationships with your investors!! :biggrin

Recently i came across a executive summary for a hotel upgrade! My job is to find them finaicing for there project! I have come across some private lenders willing to look at there summary! How do i avoid getting cut out of the deal ?


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Good Post Capgiant. I agree that if a birddog puts in the work, they should be compensated accordingly. Birddogging is a business too.

:biggrin :biggrin Thanks Lamar, I appreciate your comment! :biggrin :biggrin

I would recommend letting your investors know up front that as a bird dog you will always send the best leads to the investor that is willing to pay the most, then ask that investor what he thinks is fair. In many cases they may offer you far more than what you would have asked for.

Good luck!

Bird dogs in the Texas region make on average between $500 - $1,000 per find. More depending on the size of the deal.