feeling lost and frustrated..

so ive come to the conclusion i have no idea what i’m doing or where to start i find that for every 1 piece of information i learn there’s a thousand more pieces i’m missing. :banghead :help i can’t wrap my brain around all of this…

i read the post, read books, watch webinars, etc. but im getting that paralysis by analysis feeling. i have been to a reia mtg, but haven’t committed yet. just bc i feel lost and don’t know where to start and my brain is in overload. afraid to step out and try bc i dont have much money to lose. tried finding a mentor, no real luck. everyone has different opinions on everything. not sure who or what to follow to be quite honest.

what advice does anyone recommend? how much should i start out with? how much to have in my savings? easy/first investing strategies. what small steps can i implement to move me from reading and learning to implementing?

thanks to everyone for responding way in advance!!!

Brother, I feel your pain. Been dealing with it for 8 years on and off because of that feeling. My conclusion is that everyones been right, either jump in and do, while learning, or dont jump in and do it, while learning. One will pay you, one will cost you. Seems like what its cost me to not jump in, is more than it would have cost me to jump in and make a mistake. My advice? Follow me into the pool. Just lost my J.O.B. today so I think Im being pushed in, finally. Keep pushin forward!

Remember there are to things you should keep in mind for this one. Without these two then the foundation won’t be good because these are the two that you will be coming back to whenever you feel like giving up. It’s the vision and mission of whatever you’re doing.

Well, Im reading that wholesaling is the best way to start. So, I plan on just starting with that, working the plan until I have success, then adding another strategy once I become experienced, and so on… at least that’s what’s been advised from various places…

It seems like you may be learning a little about a whole lot of different things… Are you just having a hard time picking a strategy and going for it?

that is part of the issue i have been having. good advice though. ive also heard wholesaling, in addition to, subject-to’s, lease options. going to start somewhere.

thanks all

did you seek guidance from a psychologist?

This is very common for beginners, almost everyone goes through it and believe me I did.

The solution is to simplify. Focus on one strategy and area and become a master. Don’t complicate things with multiple strategies, too many areas, too many variables, too much expertise needed, etc. You are right, it is near impossible to get your arms around it.

Find a partner/mentor. Do not stop until you find the right one. It may take talking to 50 people before you find the right one. Don’t give up. Confusion or discouragement just means you need to refocus, simplify and overcome the next challenge. You will get there!

take a look at your situation for the next 12 months

identify any issues that you need to address with cash

figure out how much cash you need and when you need it

set your goals based on that

get an understanding of your market and how the finances of real estate works via a couple of wholesaling and real estate investing courses

take what you have learned from all of the courses that you read on wholesaling and start with step 1 - go find a buyer

find that buyer a couple of properties that fit what they want

structure a deal

close it