Feedback please!

Hello hows everyone doing at Reiclub! I was just wondering if anyone could give me some feedback on this course thats offered by Scott Rister called " Find All the Motivated Sellers You Can Handle" This course is going for $499.99 and before i dish out the money to buy it i was wondering if it was worth it, or if there was anything that was better, that someone could refer me to! well thanx for the feedback guys i appreciate it.


Find All the Motivated Sellers You Can Handle
by Scott Rister

Save your money and do the legwork yourself.

Da Wiz

In Fairness,

Da Wiz has a great deal more experience, I expect, than most people on this site and would probably find this course to be mundane and useless. However, I own this course and will tell you that if you are just getting started, this course will open your eyes to some useful concepts and strategies.

I will tell you that, if you listen to the CD’s that accompany this course, you will be suffering through Scott himself reading his own book. The information is there and good at that but his skills at reading aloud are somewhat…challenged.

Also, understand that this is not a REI in a box start up program; his main focus in this program is on the direct mail aspect of marketing and should be considered a companion to an overall real estate investing plan.

He will not, for instance, show you how to write a contract or how to get someone to sign over a deed.

Understanding all of that, I would say that it is worthwhile as a guide to marketing for motivated sellers and frankly, for $500, it is relatively cheap.