feedback on investment books

I’m working on a book for buying and investing in Texas. With tons of books out there, what information, features, or advice would make you want to purchase another one?

Dee, are you targeting starting investors, or those who may just want to buy and sell as a hobby?

For me, I find “how to find the deals”, “how to evaluate the deal”, “how to negotiate”, and exit strategies are good topics to get into.

Depth will be what sets you apart from the other books. Most books barely scratch the surface and leave the reader wishing there was more. Most readers end up with even more questions than when they started and no closer to doing a deal. Providing enough info on whatever you write about to actually DO a deal will help.

As a newbie in Texas, I would love a book that walked me through the entire process of qualifying a good home, negotiating with the seller, signing the contracts, dealing with title company and close, finding the buyer, and getting your money. I see tons of info on finding buyers and sellers and have been successful in doing that. It seems to be little details that get me hung up like who pays what for closing costs, what my responsibilities are if I assign my contract, etc. Hope this helps.

I think that YOU need to answer the question first:

  • What am I going to tell in my book? How am i going to differ from 500 other books on the subject?..

If you search REI on amazon, you’ll find tens if not hundreds of REI books, 95% of which is just a sales pitch to more expensive REI training or useless stuff that repeats itself from one book to another.
So what is your goal? To upsell more training? Or to actually teach something? If I were to write a book, I’d rather publish it on the web for free. But it’s me :slight_smile:

Well to be fair, there is so much you can cover in a book not to mention that if you make it specific to a topic, you limit your audiance since most those who buy books are spectators.

I think it should cover all topics in short form and give further information through weblinks for deeper and more background.