Is anyone scared yet? Seriously thinking of Belize.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?..

when you stop being afraid, you feel good!

Why be afraid & worry about things you have no control over?..

when you could be using your time more productively.

There is nothing to be scared of, especially if you’re prepared. I agree with taxlienadvisor, don’t spend your time worrying when you could spend your time much more productively - LIKE FIGHTING THE SOCIALIST TAKEOVER OF OUR COUNTRY!

The assumption of you have no control over things your elected govt is doing is the main problem.Too many are using this sit in silence method and it’s dangerous.When you say nothing or act like there is no problem,it will be assumed that you agree.

My congressman is scared about november. Check this video out where he assults a student for asking him if he supports the “Obama agenda” I am sending this link to all of my democrat voting friends in this district.


That was ‘your’ guy, John? You should be soooo proud - very ‘Congressional’ behavior exhibited!


So proud that I passed over 200 dollars to his November opponent.


It is not just your country, it is the socialist’s country also.

It is not just your country, it is the socialist's country also.

I’d be in favor of buying all the socialists a one-way ticket to Cuba, Communist China, Venezula, Russia, or any other communist/socialist/marxist country of their choosing. If they don’t want to go voluntarily, then I suggest deporting them, along with every last illegal alien in the country.

That is what makes America great. We can have wholesale changes in our government policies and still we are America. We went from Ronald Reagan cutting taxes and reducing the size of government which the liberal socialists said ruined America and we need to deport them to Obama taking over the government and installing socialists but we are still America. This system is so robust that we even had a tie for the presidency with Al Gore and George W and we still got a government and when it was determined that Al Gore actual had more votes it didn’t precipitate tanks in the streets.

What I am saying is that America works. Conservatives will have their day again, and so will the liberals. This great circle of government is what makes us great. This country can support everybody it continues to be all of our country.

Dear Blue - I enjoy reading your take on things - you really seem to have a head on your shoulders

we live in such a great country - but somehow many people still are able to find things to bitch & moan about

keep doin what your doin baby