FDJake back from a month in the Florida Keys!!!

Nice to be missed guy’s!!!

Thanks for all the kind words…

WOW…lot’s of trading going on here!!!

I’ve got a months worth of catching up to do on some of my commercial property. I also have a closing today on a 4 acre commercial lot I just picked up from an estate.

I’ll keep you all posted (Including the beating I’m taking on those Q’s)

Gotta run…but I shall return!!

Welcome back! Hope you had a GREAT vacation!


It’s good to have you back fdjake! I look forward to your posts. I hope you had a great time. :biggrin

glad to see you’re back and that all is well with you.

couldn’t have returned on a more interesting day…


Welcome back. I am jealous. I need a vacation too.

:beer welcome back! :biggrin