Fannie Mae short sales - ARGH

ARGH :banghead

Aurora has been dragging their feet on this short sale for 3 months - the excuse is that it is a fannie mae loan and (of course) they will only go so low. In April they did a full appraisal which came in at 170k - first offer was 140k (not netting the lender so much) buyer counter offered at 149k net of 136,800 - there still not happy - they want to net 147k however this house isn’t worth 170k anymore - they won’t do a new appraisal BPO or anything because it is good for 6 months (according to them) REO’s are kicking butt - bigger houses selling for under 140k the original offer - to me their lucky to get a 149k offer. Want to know if any other offers have come in - yeah for 140k and 145k - in any case - this is getting frustrating :help because there aren’t going to get what they want - also second wants us to do our own BPO - which is fine but they do not want any REO’s - well our market is about 96% reo’s/short sales. I’m not going back 6-9 months to grab traditional sales that are now 60k more. HELP! What do I do with this darn Fannie Mae loan?