fannie mae properties would i be able to close in 30 days on a fannie mae

using a cash buyer is it possible to assign contract and close in 30 days with a fannie mae property, or can i lease option a fannie mae


 Fannie Mae (Homepath) properties can only be sold to "Owner Occupied" buyers and are not available to investors!


Fannie Mae properties can be sold to investors. The Fannie Mae properties must be listed for at least 15 days in a MLS system before an investor can make an offer.

They also have resale restrictions - it used to be 6 months but I do believe that it is currently 3 months.

You can make offers under a trust. Then, when you find an end buyer, assign the beneficial interest to your trust to the end buyer. The end buyer would have to be ok buying the property this way and understand the gig.