Fake flowers outside?

Does anyone here plant fake flowers outside to attract would-be buyers/tenants? Not in pots, but actually in the ground like real flowers? I bought a couple flowers for one of my properties earlier this summer, but the heat/bugs/etc killed them. I know it’s probably cheesy, but seems like it would be better than having to water/maintain them in the 95+ degree heat in Texas while you are trying to get the place sold/rented.


As long as it didn’t look fake, I don’t see why not.

No - fake flowers always look fake.

How about some xeriscape plants if watering is an issue?

I listed one of my properties a few weeks ago. I trust one of my tenants who likes flowers. So I gave her a Lowes gift card to buy some flowers. Rental properties are usually very plan and boring. The flowers really added a lot of color to the rental property.

I would say on a rental property it would look nice and be low maintenance. But it would look bad for a flip.

I agree with iron rental yes, flip no. A prospective buyer see’s fake flowers and they think cheap…what else has this guy chimped on???

Funny that this topic should come up. I just listed a condo in north Ocean City, MD and the building has fake flowers everywhere; in the ground, in planters and in hanging baskets. The owner and I think that it looks very tack. Oh well. It is low maintenance. BTW, the condo is a great buy. Lowest priced ocean block 2BR condo in North OC.