Facing Foreclosure in Hawaii

Hello I am on the other side of the fence I purchased a house in Hawaii while stationed there in 2004 for 340k things were great in paradise in 2005 refinanced for 410k paid off some bills put some money in savings. Then in 2006 pulled out home equity of 125k life was still great 1st and 2nd Mortgage still manageable and in my means then in 2007 I got sick and was medically discharged from the Navy with a Honorable now the story gets bad I am still fighting Va for my benefits, but that’s for another forum when released from military service I packed up family and headed to TX purchased another house here in TX and rented out the Hawaii house the rental income was less then the mortgage payment so I was feeding the beast (yes I now that was not the best Idea) but the property was still increasing in market equity monthly then the bubble burst, All my savings are gone paid in the feeding the beast, medical bills and cost of living for 6 months until I was well enough to start working. Yes I have a job but it at ½ the salary that I was in the service anyway I started concentrating on not loosing my TX house pretty much neglecting the HI house allowing it to fall into Foreclosure. Or actually I guess you can say pre-foreclosure, so to some it up I am now 6 months behind on my 1st of 396k and 2nd of 124k or a total of 520k up to 3 months ago my wife and both had credit scores in the 700 but now because off the pending Foreclosure are credit is now in the 500 and dropping. I am talking to my lenders and the 1st may take a SS but I fear the 2nd won’t but of course they the lenders won’t really talk numbers to me. And they pretty much will not even talk to a buyer party with out a pre-approval letter or a official offer on the table.
The house has been on the market for almost 9 months with only one offer in the 300k no proof of funds and the lender laughed and rejected the offer without a counter offer. Now here is my take on my problem. As long as house is in Foreclosure credit getting a beaten, Having the annoying collector calls 12x a day telling the same story, So in away I want them to get it over and foreclose so then I can deal with the after math. I done what I can do I am working not one but 2 full time jobs my wife is working 2 full time jobs, the house is on the market, also solicited options, rent to own etc. with no nibbles. Anybody have any advice.

Expect a contact from Walt Harvey or associate. They might be able to SS it for you in Hawaii.

Hi John, as long as your property is listed with another broker I cannot offer advice except if that other broker is has experience in working with short sales, follow their advice. If they are not experienced, well maybe you’re not well served.
If your situation changes, I’d love to discuss solutions with you.
Aloha, Walt