Are we allowed to network on Facebook here on REIClub?

You can put the info in your signature, but not in the body of the post.

It would be sorta cool if everybody would link their facebook or pics or something so we all know who were talking to.

I mean… everybody pretty much knows what I look like. Its better to talk to somebody when you have a idea of who your talking to. I know what sellnbama looks like (facebook).

I am on facebook as well. You can send me a friend request.

christopher wallace
allen, texas

As I told my sister, I’m not on ‘Faceplace’ because I stopped being 13 about 40 years ago…


Same here Keith…

I’m Old School…Cripes my cell phone doesn’t even TAKE PICTURES!!!

I got this crazy thing called a CAMERA for that. :shocked

This site takes up a good portion of my time already. I can’t devote any more to things like Facebook or Myspace. I’m w/ you Pete on the phone thing. Mine takes pics and texts, but I just use it for what it was originally intended.

never really have liked cell phones that much…

could care less about having some portable yapping device.

a wireless home phone is a nice amenity.

do like having (4) 22’’ monitors all tied together…

let the fingers do the talking!

to each his own.


Not to be lazy but I am still new to Facebook and still unsure how to find folks. My FB e-mail address is underneath. I agree with Hoosier, I have met a couple of friends from REIClub and would enjoy meeting more.

Locally, Facebook gets 3 cheers.

They bought a bg chunk of land in Prineville and they are building their own facility.

Construction jobs and then computer related jobs for the locals!

Facebook is a way for people to get in touch with the old friends from school mostly as well as get the word out your having a party to the local ones. I love my FB and on daily. In fact last year someone posted a photo from 5th grade and out of the 36 students, 2 are deceased and 31 have been tagged (found the photo). We are now planning a 5th grade (elementary) school reunion this summer as about 4 of us have moved out of state while most are still somewhat local. Its nice catching up on old times, BDAY parties, pool parties and who we kissed during spin the bottle…

what a bunch of old people you guys are. Its called social networking and its the way the internet is moving.

You guys still use cameras? Lol.