Facebook Social Plugins

Facebook has been releasing so many social plugins recently. Which among them (Like Box, Face Pile, Like Button, Activity feed, etc.) have you found useful and good for viral marketing?

Hi! Check the post “Internet marketing” under this same forum. I just posted a reply there today. There’s some mention of another way to do viral advertising. Hope it helps.


Hi Lily, I haven’t try those plugins yet. What about you? Do you find it useful for real estate marketing?


Its really a very good social networking site and one can get a lot of benefit for their business.

I think you must familiarize yourself with facebook so that you can see the essence of each feature. I may say that all of them are useful for marketing. Overall, facebook is really a good social networking site where you can generate profit for your business. Just the basic features like tagging a picture, chat and wall posts can help you earn customers. If you get to know the others that they are offering I’m sure you will love it even more. :slight_smile:

The Like button can be added at the top or bottom of articles. You can control where and how it appears. It is also available as a widget.