Facebook Ads! Anyone else having success?

hey guys! So I have been doing facebook ppc for the last 3 years. I have found it to be very difficult but with me constantly learning by reading books, taking courses, and doing it hands on I have actually created a pretty steady flow of motivated seller leads for my market. Anyone else having success doing FB ads? What are some of the things that are working well for you ad wise? Would love to hear from you all!

Again, it depends what your definition of success is. What your goal is.

I use FB ads to drive traffic to my site and get it ranked I do not use it to make deals. I did however get a few interests in selling their house but it never accounted to anything.

See it this way, if you rely on FB or twitter, youtube to make deals you will not be successful. You need to have a killer site with a high conversion rate. Then you drive relevant traffic to that site bt any means necessary, and then you make deals. So FB twitter etc. etc. is just a means to get targeted traffic to your site.
And this is what can screw you up.

You often do not get targeted traffic to your site through social media. People click on your ad because they are just curious, ad then thy bounce off… and that actually hurts you.
So you pay money to actually get hurt.

Not ads specifically, but get some user engagement. Ask controversial questions. Post things like “My favorite thing about real estate is ____”. Or post two things side by side to compare and have one vote be a like and the other be a heart reaction. Both comments and likes/reactions will generate traction and your Facebook page will appear to more people with common interests.
There aren’t ads, but small free things that may help in the long run :slight_smile:

People fail with Facebook advertising due to lack of strategic planning. Yes its true…you need a high converting landing pages (Not hard…hire a real estate copywriter). Secondly…play with audiences. Do multiple audiences for your ad and see which one converts.
Thirdly…Use Facebook to Geo-farm. Use a custom audience (names and addresses ) from list (landlords, FSBO, Expired listings etc).

It’s simple they WORK! But its not a 1 day thing, you have to give them time to work, you have to have great content,
a image GRABBER is 80% of the ad I believe. I use canva.com to write my ads, they go right into Facebook and Twitter
and its free to use. Does not have to be a picture of a house, it can be a a cartoon, a pet…be different.
You have to STOP the Scrolling, have to catch their eye and you have to target who you or what you want to attract.
TEST… TEST… TEST your ads. ages over 35-65 seem to work best… women buy and sell a lot and are over looked. target by area, by Zip code.
Not every one wants to see your ads… they don’t want them to look like an ad, good content, tell a story… give value to the reader. Think about who can you help, what do they want to know what problem can you solve for them.

ive been getting mixed results with facebook… still in the testing phase

I spent about 2 months beginning of this year on Facebook adds with mixed results. I came very close to closing on a deal from a facebook add lead but got out bidded so I see the potential. There is a real investor in my area that is killing it with facebook advertising. I will get back to it as some point but right now focused on SEO and adwords. Ad espresso is service that you may want to consider.

Facebook Ad is very useful. It helps you how to spend Ads efficiently. Recently I got a testimonial in Illinois. He said that he found us because in Facebook.

Here’s a proof:

I think Facebook ads are really good. But I’d recommend Google Ads more.

Yes, Facebook ads are effective if you choose right audience.

In My view face book ads are good but not as much as google ads, Because I have Seen this with my own experience in to google ads and FB ads.

If you have a good advertising budget, then it may be good to see how Faceboook ads work for you. If your at the lower end, then I’d recommend the money be spend on Google Adwords. Just my 2 cents.

Jeff Johnson

The problem with adwords is the high cost per click for investor related keywords.

Just doing a quick search across 5 different cities, CPC for adwords is over $10 a click for all of them and supposedly for indianapolis is over $60 a click. Not sure I believe that but you never know.

Your website better convert like crazy if you’re paying that much per click.

Facebook ads are typically much cheaper. Supposedly the average for real estate related keywords (according to wordstream) is under $2 per click. More affordable but more marketing skills required.

I Recently started FB campaigns for my website and its working good, and also I am looking to make it better for best results, I will be working on it, this discussion is helping me knowing more about FB campaigns

What kind of campaign are you doing? Did you shoot a video? Are you just promoting your site? What is your marketing strategy for your campaign? Glad it is working well for you. I am a new agent and am about to start my campaigns.