EZ financing / No down payment question

Can someone please explain the following:

Decent Credit Score required 680 or better

I see this advertised all the time. How is the investor able to allow these options?
What exactly do these options mean to a potential buyer? Who is the ideal buyer
that looks for this criteria when purchasing a home?

thanks …

Is this in conjunction with a home for sale? He may have a broker that he uses that he runs all of these deals through. Finding financing when the buyer has a 680+ score shouldn’t be terribly difficult in most cases.

Yes, for example, I’ll get a list of 5 homes for sale with the given criteria and it’s usually from bird dogs advertising their properties. sometimes it doesn’t include the criteria of having 680+ credit score.

So my question is, if I’m selling a home,
When would I use that advertisement?
When is a downpayment NOT required?
When can you do away with closing costs?

The seller says “I’m offering EZ-Financing”… what does he mean? I assume he has a mortgage broker who takes care of the loan just like everyone else, so what does “EZ-financing” really mean?

Start talking to some brokers, see who might be able to offer you relatively easy financing to your buyers.

One guy near me is a mortgage broker and helps sell his friend’s properties using his financing. (everyone wins) Here are some examples:



  1. Define E-Z . (in your opinion it may be E-Z so you could say that)
  2. No Down Payment ( 100%financing)
  3. No Closing Costs ( Seller pays closing costs)
  4. Rehab Loan Available( If you know someone with $10,000 and you know someone that needs $10,000 and you are willing to lend them the $10,000 at say 10% interest only for 1 year so they can do their $10,000 rehab, well; rehab loan available)
  5. Decent credit score required 680 or better ( That is what you want to lend your $10,000)
    This ad is not saying they are going to fulfill all of these terms on every deal. They are IMPLYING 1 OR all MAY be available if you qualify

Great replies… Thank you both!

that takes the wind out of everyones’ Sales.
The purpose of the course is to Invest or buy your first Investment or Income property with no money down … stay on track. If you want to help establish an arena where you would offer a place of full service escrow and financing if you can write your own loans…, then lower your credit scores and open up your rolodex to locate a few high levereged savings and loans , Banks , Angels, Investors that would move on the offers to purchase. Offer a program that would blow the socks off of the competition with buy more than one Property with me as your campaign slogan… the collateral and creativity is what is the seller here not being able to get up in the morning… 680 FICO is even a little too beautiful to be believed… gets my skin to crawl. That is why I bought the course … because I am Human. …

Wow…41.5 for the first home built in '02?!? :shocked Must be a typo. If not, I’ll take two :biggrin

Definitely a typo, looks like $415k would be about right for that house.