OK, how hard is it to get a realtor to provide you with expired listings???

Is it just me, or do they all babble on about ethics and privacy, blah blah blah…

I’ve called so many offices this morning that my fingers are gonna start bleeding.

Has anyone been successful in getting Expireds from an agent?


Sorry I’m so frustrated, but anyone who has been there understands.

Thanks for your help!!

Solrak, My realtor gives me anything i want!!!She is new and has alot of energy.She emails me expired listings,new listings anything i ask for she will help me.Maybe you need to go on the web and look up a realtor office in your area and do a search for agents to see if you can find a new agent that just got there license or deals in what ever you are looking for.I hope this helps!!!Michele

Why would a Realtor be expected to do that, and yes there are privacy issues. Unless you are their client, i.e. signed a representative agreement, there is nothing for them to give you. That is liking asking a CPA for records of individuals in default of mortgages or taxes. Listings and MLS are not public record.

I get the expireds by email. It’s an automated function. I gave the Realtor the parameters and the emails just keep coming. Better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Just ask them. Tell them what’s in it for them (money, business, tickets to the opera, whatever). Newer agents are the easiest.

Here’s a script: “Could you setup a property scan for expireds and have the program email it to me everyday in exchange for $500 when I buy them and the listing when I go to sell them?”

Any realtor who haphazardly provides data won’t be in the business long. There are rules in the national, state and local associations which address how MLS information can be given to the public. I never give out MLS data because the moment you do, you lose control, plus I paid for it. I’m still amazed that people put a value on expired listings. The fact that it expired after being exposed to the market indicates it was overpriced.

I’ve been getting them for 2 years and no complaints from my friend.

Correct. All the more reason to ask them to present your offer and at what the listing price should have been and they capture the commission. Win-Win. Even more important, as the investor, you get to know the agents who control the inventory.

"Correct. All the more reason to ask them to present your offer and at what the listing price should have been and they capture the commission. Win-Win. Even more important, as the investor, you get to know the agents who control the inventory. "

I think we are reading the initial question differently. If I have a buyer that i am representing with a buyer’s rep agreement, I search high and low including expired listings to find them a property. It of course then becomes an issue as to whether the seller is willing or if the buyer will have to pay the commission my buyer’s rep agreement states. The way I read the initial question is why won’t Realtors tell me about expired listings so I can call the seller and by pass agents. Only the initial poster can explain his/her intent.

Because most Realtors can get into a lot of trouble and lose their license for giving out their MLS password and login, most are hesitant to do so. You need to work on cultivating a relationship with an agent first before asking. I think you’ve figured out by now that cold calling is not the way to go.

I have a very dear friend who is a Realtor and I just tell her when I’m logging on or off the MLS using her password. We have an understanding and there is a level of trust there that allows us to work together. Plus the fact that I pay her MLS dues for her.

I go after expired listings because (in my area) it’s not that the house was priced too high, it’s that the agents don’t really do a whole lot. I can write 2,000 expireds a week for a solid month and never write the same person twice. These are one of the top ways that I get leads. The house has been listed for 6 mos to a year and hasn’t sold. These guys are motivated as heck and are looking for help. I would rather them sell to me sub2 and know that they’d be taken care of fairly than to someone with dollar signs in their eyes, just trying to make a buck.

I think agents like Wasj who actually do work on trying to get the house sold are few and far between. I would wager a guess and say that Wasj is probably making more money than most agents in the area because of it.

The bottom line, Solrak, is that you have to build trust with someone before asking for expireds in most cases. Make sure the agent knows that if they ever go on a listing call and the house either:

  • Doesn’t have enough equity in it to justify their commission
  • Is in a condition that is just too bad to list
  • Or maybe going to foreclosure and the time frame is too close to list

That they should call you first. You will pay them $500 for every house they bring you that you buy (just like Kawika said). You have to be able to do what you say you’re going to. If not, you’ll lose credibility with the Realtor. Once you’ve nurtured that friendship, then maybe you’ll feel more comfortable asking for the expireds.

The bottom line is not to try and get one over on the agent. It’s not appreciated and will cost you a vital key in your business arsenal. If the house is listed when you go out to see it, make your presentation and tell them that if the listing expires, you’ll be happy to step in and buy, but don’t want to go behind the Realtors back. It also helps to join the BBB for credibility.

To your marketing success,
Big Cheese