extra large bifold doors

Does anyone know where I can pick 96’’ - 108’’ bifold doors? HD, Lowes, & Menards do not carry these. I need 1 metal and 2 wood.

They’re not standard doors.

I did a rehab where my contractor put in a special order, and it was done in less than a week through a local lumber yard he used. I haven’t had it done at a “Home Depot”, but I see a desk in my local one for “special orders”, so you might try that.

In the rehab I did, I had 8-1/2 foot high ceilings, and the doors went floor to ceiling, and two sets of bifolds went wall to wall…

HD can special bifolds in many different sizes, I don’t know the specifics but I do know people that have ordered special sizes through them. Your local lumberyard might be cheaper though.

Just be prepared to pay for them. they probably will not be cheap.

Good Luck