Exposure to my LLC

How much exposure should I give my LLC? Should a put my LLC’s name on everything that has my name on it. For example I am a Realtor working with major Real Estate Co. and my name has to be on everything such as my web site, signs, business cards, advertising etc. but; I also buy and sell real estate for myself. Would there be any conflict between me and the Real Estate Co. I work for if the Firm’s name and also my LLC’s name are used together in advertising? I thing it would serve as a good disclosure but it may also confuse people. I have worked with a person in both capacities as per there needs. How would I get the best protection possible without getting my LLC in trouble? I don’t want to add extra liability or exposure to my LLC. I carry errors and omissions insurance with the Real Estate firm but I currently do not have insurance on my LLC. If the Real Estate firm got sued would my LLC be held liable aslo.

I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to do with the LLC, you never stated. However I would bet your real estate firm would consider it a conflict of interest if you were advertising with both names. Most states require you to divulge that you’re an agent even if buying/selling personal property, but I don’t think that’s what you’re asking advertising wise.
Also, if your directly involved in the day to day operation of the LLC, it does you no good protection wise. As has been stated many a time here…you can be the owner of an LLC, or a manager but not both. Being both puts you back in a personally liable situation. Also, if your LLC doesn’t have a good solid operating agreement in place, it’s pretty much an empty shell anyway. If you’re doing business as an LLC, the LLC name MUST be on everything with the LLC after the name. You cannot co-mingle personal funds with LLC funds or it becomes transparent. Sounds like contacting a knowledgable lawyer would do you some good, as well as reading some past threads on LLC’s. Better check with the co you’re a Realtor for as well to see what they consider conflicts of interest. Seems to me like you have a couple already.

I don’t see how the LLC helps you. It’s your license, not the LLC’s, and any injuries will be tied to your personal actions.

It’s OK to dual advertise if your broker agrees, but I think it’s bad business for both of you. The person to ask is your broker.