Expiring MLS??

Does anyone have any luck with this? Are there any criteria that you use for them like house prices, time expired…

I’ve had about a 5-10% response rate, and than maybe 1 out of 100 turns out to be a deal. The problem is it takes a daily effort to look through all the expireds and I’m only mailing 5-10 postcards a day. I don’t mail until it’s been on the market at least 90 days.

I think for the effort it’s probably better to go after absentee owners which is what I’m going to focus on next.

Can someone please explain to me where I find expired mls listings without access to the mls? I’ve looked on sites like realtor.com or the listing companies’ sites and cant seem to find the info. Thanks in advance. :beer

If you Google “expired MLS” or “expired MLS listings” or something like that, you will find services that do this.

I once used a service that emailed me PDFs of listings that day after they expired (last day of the month was the biggest), and it cost me $1 per listing. You might be able to do better.

I didn’t have any luck with this effort, but I didn’t give it 100%, either.

You can get this list from a realtor. Not all will. Some will. Try to build a relationship with one. Should not cost more than the cost of lunch.