Expired Listing Letter

Does anyone have a really good Expired Listing letter?
I can’t seem to get the wording to where i feel comfortable with it.

I have an expired listing letter that I use. I created it but it is a work in progress.


How can I get a copy of the letter, so I will know what its suppose to look like and say to real estate agents I am going to campaigning

Huh? You aren’t marketing to real estate agents. You are marketing to the frustrated, irritated, and agitated home owners that trusted all the garbage the realtor told them about how easy it would be to sell.

The realtor could care less.

I love expired listings!!!

BTW, the seller DOES pay the commission, otherwise the price would be lower and the house would sell! Just take the realtor out of the equatiion and the world will be a better place.



 Not the dreaded who pays argument again. Aghast!


Hehehe. Just had to throw it in there and see who was paying attention :slight_smile:

I would like to get a copy of your letter also.


How do you find when all of the listings expire?


I have access to the local MLS


Wound you mind sharing with yet another person ;D? It would be greatly appreciated.


Expired listings, listing on the market for 150 days (DOM), Withdrawn, and Fel-Thu are also great leads also.

We write them all the time with reasonable results.

Just write a friendly letter, let the owner know why you are writing ( because you buy for your family trust, because you are looking for a bargain or you want to build your real estate empire)

Give the expired owner a reason to do business with you; no commission, no settlment, as is, fast settlement, a friendly smile, the love of your family…)

Take action, ask him to call or write you because you want to see the property immediately to see if it qualifies for you to purchase.

Your Signature…Mary and Jo Nicepeople

Always add a PS. Oh, financing is no problem

Charles Parrish

I use a postcard. About 80% of the people who call me tell me right out that they hate their realtor. It makes me giggle. Especially because I’m getting about a 15-20% reponse rate on these cards.

No, I’m not sharing :slight_smile:

[i][b]"You are marketing to the frustrated, irritated, and agitated home owners that trusted all the garbage the realtor told them about how easy it would be to sell.

The realtor could care less.

I love expired listings!!!"[/b][/i]

Agent bashing…how original!

Listings expire for a reason…most of the time the seller has unrealistic expectations as to their asking price…otherwise their home would have sold (especially in these hot real estate markets over the past few years).

Of the last 7 homes I listed…5 sold within 3 days w/multiple offers slightly over list price (just like I told the sellers). The other two…both sellers wanted $20,000 higher than I recommended they list at.

“I’ll list your home wherever you want, but you have it in writing & I’m telling you now…I think your asking price is too high.” I let the market talk to them.

Of the remaining two…one lowered their asking price $10,000, and it still didn’t sell (30 DOM). They then lowered the asking price another $10,000 & it sold in a matter of days…just like I told them it would.

The other party was continuously confrontational & accusatory w/no less than 7 other parties, and we cancelled their listing. Agents run into these types once…maybe twice a year.

Agents care, but I can assure you…not all sellers are sweet, innocent victims of the evil Real Estate Agent.

“BTW, the seller DOES pay the commission, otherwise the price would be lower and the house would sell!”

This is one of the dumbest Agent hating comments I tend to read here.

So let me get this straight…the seller’s gonna lower the asking price of the house because, they don’t have to pay Agent commissions? :ibs:

How ridiculous!!!

So all FSBO’s are predominately great deals cause, they’re all priced lower than all the homes listed by Agents? ???

So how come 90% of FSBO’s eventually sell w/the assistance of a Real Estate Agent? ???

“Just take the realtor out of the equation and the world will be a better place”

And finally…if non Agent investors were such better people than real estate agents…then why all the legislation & talk of legislation to limit their activities?

How come Builders/Developers are writing contingencies into their contracts to eliminate investors from buying in their projects?

The danger of continuously throwing cow pies @ the oscillator is…you might just get some on yourself…

…just some thoughts.

Welcome back, Infowell. Just be careful.

I’m here to share so here goes mine:

"Dear whoever,

Our Multiple Listing Service records indicate that the listing on your home has expired and your home has been dropped from sale. You have probably been bombarded with agents wanting to list your house.


Isn’t it funny how nearly every agent that calls or writes says that: “I’m the best!”, “I’m number 1”, and “I can sell it”. Please don’t just sign up again with an agent who only tells you how great they are.

This time pick an agent who has a WRITTEN MARKETING PLAN that has been responsible for selling hundreds of homes like yours.

Pick an agent who has a WRITTEN, 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE that puts YOU in control.

Pick an agent who will show you how to “DRESS YOUR HOUSE FOR SUCCESS” and sell quickly for top dollar. Studies show that homes prepared for sale and showings sell first and net the seller more money.

Pick an agent that KNOWS HOW TO EFFECTIVELY USE THE INTERNET to market your home. My web site, www.KnoxvilleMLS.com has received well over 300,000 documented visitors and brings many buyers to my listings. Many of these buyers are moving to the Knoxville area from other cities and even other countries. This huge pool of buyers can not be reached effectively by traditional advertising methods.

Call me today for a no obligation appointment to learn how to get your house SOLD! this time.

Best regards,

Your name

PS, call me in the next 30 days and I’ll include a Realty Executives “10-K” marketing incentive for other agents. Our 10-K program is a powerful incentive to attract other agents to show your home."


In every business I’ve seen, there are superstars, and then there’s the rest. Real Estate Agents are no different.

You must be a superstar.

Who’s the one financing the commission over 30 years? The seller?

try this one… 35% response rate

…outside the box…

start letter*
Dear (first name)

SO I see you listed with a realtor that didnt come through.
Are you pi–ed off? I dont blame you those agents care about nothing more than their precious little commissions.

Anyway I was writing to tell you I want to buy your house from you right now.

You dont have to pay to list it, you dont have to pay to get it ready for sale, you dont have to pay holding costs until it sells, you dont have to pay closing costs, you dont have to sit there wondering if your house is gonna sell and you dont have to pay a commission once it sells. Ill take care of all that.

You have a guaranteed sale just call me. That is unless you DO still want to list your house through another non performer.

Look I aint gonna bulls–t you. I am not an agent and I dont want to list your house. I have plenty of money I want to buy so sell me your house and be done with it.

Take care,
(your name)

P.S. oh and dont be suckered into listing with an agent again

If I got that letter in the mail, I sure would contact you – to tell you how rude, crude, and socially unacceptable that you come off! Probably why your ‘response rate’ is so high!

I, personally, find it unprofessional and offensive.


yeah its a different angle

most people are tired of the whole professional approach. They already know its just a front anyway

Im straight forward and honest and they appreciate it.

They like it when someone isnt afraid to be themselves and not some fake professional front

we are all animals anyway…

Welcome back, Infowell. Just be careful.”

Thanks Richard…and…I know…


In every business I’ve seen, there are superstars, and then there’s the rest. Real Estate Agents are no different.

You must be a superstar."[/b][/i]

It’s all about price…always has been…always will be. After 14 years & some 4500 valuations…I know FMV.

“Who’s the one financing the commission over 30 years? The seller?”

That’s why they should listen to the professional they’ve hired!

I’d take more of a personal approach in a letter–rather than a raz-mataz–“STOP!!! I’m proven.”

If you’re not an agent…state so right up front in the letter (perhaps they are tired of agents, and that will get their attention right up front). Be benign…be professional.

Before obtaining my real estate license I’d contact expired’s (I had access to MLS as an appraiser). I received an 8% response rate without ever picking up the phone. I didn’t make obnoxious comments about real estate agents however.

The way to make ourselves look good isn’t by making others look bad! :bash: