Expired Listing. Contacting Agent to Obtain HO Phone Number?

there’s a vacant home in foreclosure which i’m unable to contact the home owner. i found an expired listing in which the listing agents number is listed. this agent would be my best bet to obtain the latest contact information of the home owner. the problem is, i don’t see the agent giving me the phone number and not wanting a piece of the pie. anyone have any insite as to how to handle this?

Give them a commission to handle the trans. They can’t just give you someone’s phone # anyway. Just pay up and make your offer accordingly to make up the difference- then you’re not losing any money. : :smile

The only other idea I have is checking the tax records for an alternate address- or whitepages.com

tax records i’ve already tried. this has been my last resort ;]

You can try the agent, I did one time and the agent was a friend of the seller and gave me the number, and they did not receive a commission. Also try knocking on some neighbor’s doors, they can help you a lot also.

yeah i should have done that when i was there. i usually do, but it didn’t seem like anyone was home at that time of day.

i might just call the agent and take it from there.

will post back if things progress

Never hurts to ask :slight_smile: