Experienced Wholesalers

What is the best way for a new rei to find a good mentor?

i’d say go to a meeting, find the good investors, and split the deal with one of them.

I found my mentor the same way that neo suggests

I have never used a mentor per se, but I did learn to become a sponge for information from any and all investors that I met. I would not suggest asking people to mentor you, that word seems to scare off any investors, I have had a ton of rookie investors in my market place ask me to mentor them, I always decline, now if they want to go to lunch or have me take a look at a deal for them I will ALWAYS help out.

I wont mentor anyone in my own market place because the last thing I need is another me running around doing the same things that I do, I cant think of a quicker way to put myself out of business.

I would offer to take as many people to lunch as you could and take careful notes, get them talking, I never turn down a free lunch. Once you have taken them too lunch ad them to your list whereever they fall, then when you get going they could become valuable contacts, that will pay for that lunch a thousand times over.

Buy some decent investment books, maybe some courses, and go to lunch with people in your area, find out what they know about what areas are decent to buy in, what way they think the market is going, etc.

I agree with NEO. Each market is different, so I personally am not a big fan of these “national” mentors. While I agree that the techniques remain roughly the same from location to location, the people, the deals, the market forces are different.

If you attend local REI clubs you will find out who are the doers, the real movers and shakers. I have stated this before, typically they are the ones not paying attention in the meeting itself, but off to the side talking and networking.

Just my $.02.