Experienced Rehabber has Questions for Other Experienced Rehabbers.

I am in the Washington DC area. I have completed about 25 units, but would say it has not been a walk in the park since most of my rehabs have typically been full gut job, total renovations in which we change a 3BR/1BA into a 4BR/3.5 BA house or row house with a finished basement, etc. I typically add Central AC to the houses, all new plumbing, etc.

Does anyone have any tricks of the trade such as:
a. new alternative methods to central AC such as new/modern HVAC systems.
b. easier ways to add bathrooms rather than stipping all of the walls down to the studs, etc?
c. I am looking for ideas to still do the BR/BA upgrades/additions without always tearing everything out.

Any good tips would be appreciated.

nope. sorry. sounds like the process.

I have looked at, but never purchased, “package A/C” units. Basically an air handler/fan in every room with one hole for refrigerant lines, elect and condensate drain. you run the coolant lines everywhere rather than ductwork. I suppose it saves room, especially in homes with no attic or crawlspace, and no need to take up a closet for the inside unit (hangs from ceiling or wall) but it sounds unsightly and awkward.

good luck.

Hi - Do you use a heat pump? It produces heat and converts it to AC in summer? This is not new or alternative but is used in the Southwest quite a bit. All one unit.