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Do you all look at RE as your only vehicle for retirement savings?

In other words, I have thought I would keep investing in IRA’s, 401k’s, 529’s for the kids, etc. But the more I think about it, if I used all that money each month to invest in property, I could probably get a better return.

The other side of the coin is the argument to diversify. I might be better off keeping money flowing into RE and stocks.

Any opinions?

<<Do you all look at RE as your only vehicle for retirement savings?>>

No! Have you ever heard the story about all of your eggs in a single basket?

I will have a military retirement, a Government civilian retirement, Social Security (or not! LOL), my TSP (Government equivalent to a 401K), and assorted stocks/bonds.


thanks for the response.

that’s kind of what i was thinking.

i’m not counting on the SS either. something miraculous will need to happen for me to ever see a penny from that. :frowning:

Hello, A friend of mine is a Financial Advisor for several years. Diversification is your best strategy. RE, stock, IRA, annuities, precious metals, etc. are all good investments. So are coins, stamps and baseball cards.

As Keith mentioned, never keep all your eggs in one basket…they may get scrambled.

i hope that chest full of baseball cards in my basement becomes valuable again someday!

I have stock, an IRA, 401k, and real estate. I want to have a self-directed IRA soon. It’s definitely important to cover yourself at every aspect, so I also have a good lawyer, CPA, and life insurance coverage.

Hello Dee, Check out this site for self-directed IRA:


My hubby retired at 40 due to real estate investing (you can read that in my blog below). He was an auto mechanic and knew he had NO retirement plan. I was always a stay at home mom since the first child.

We have an IRA but only invested for a couple years. Wish we didn’t have it. We could invest it and make more. We have 6 kids and never " saved for the kids". We did all we can for US. I know that may not sound right (selfish) but you have to think of yourself first. If i’m busy saving for the kids future, what will my future be?

We started out with nothing 22 years ago and because we thought of OUR future, we are now multi millionaires. Another thing to think about is if you become successful you will have more for the kids, right?

Many flows of income IS best.

One other thing to think about. Manage your own money! Some brokers will tell you how great they are right? If they are so great, why are they working. Ask them to see THEIR prtfolio and see how much they’ve made. Brokers have nothing to lose. They are playing with your money and they will make their commissions no matter what. So if you are in the stock market, research yourself and tell your broker what YOU want to invest in. Always manage your own money, you have the greatest interest in it.

Hello Diane, You made 2 good points.

One, if you learn to manage your own money, then yes, you will be able to have it for your kids and show them how to do it themselves.

Two, If the brokers did know how to invest money correctly, then why do they work for someone else. Why aren’t they rich? Each person should be responsible for their own retirement. The gov’t WON’T be there for you.

ahem, brokers are very rich. they’re rich at your expense, not because they know how to trade well.

read Bull! - by Maggie Mahar

www.trustetc.com is a self-directed IRA I have used since 1996 for property purchase. They have three free reports explaining IRA’s and investment variables that are very good.

how much do you pay in annual fees.
how did you get some working capital in it. usually you can only put in 3k-4k.