Experienced Investment Realtor Seeking Hard-Money

Hi all,

I am having a field day finding my local investors excellent cash-flow properties in a growing market. Basically I’m giving away 20%-30% cash on cash returns…Sometimes much better. And many times I see investors pass on great deals because they want to stick to a particualar area. My area has pretty much black-listed out-of-state investors looking to finance because crooks that sold them awful investment properties in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. I’ve got my two big investors heavily cash invested in specialized tax-incentive-rich properties. I’m missing out on selling or buying many “no brainer” investment properties when I am the first to have the opportunity to get them. I’ve always made my living by staying on-top of the market. I’ve been an Investment Realtor for 10 years and have never had one single investment property I’ve sold foreclosed upon. I’m sick of watching other people take advantage of these opportunities while I at best make a lousy commission on the sale because these properties are so cheap. I have to sell 5 deals a month just to make a grand or two in profit. It’s too much effort for too little returns.

What’s out there in the hard-money market so I can put my skills to work for me and take advantage of these highly cash-flowing, extremely appreciable investment opportunities?