Experienced DFW Area Wholesalers....HELP!!!

I need information on how to find home owners in preforeclosure BEFORE they hit the lists! I know this is valuable information, and that it may not be free…I’m cool with that.

Contact me please if you have this info and we can work something out.



in most states that info can be found at the courthouse in the Lis pendems. most of the foreclosure list providers have someone down there daily checking the list for new names.

Thanks DC,

I have accessed the LIS PENDENS for the county I want to work online, but all of the cases seems to involve person vs. person actions, such as divorces, land disputes between neighbors, homeowners assoc. wanting to force foreclosure due to unpaid fines, etc…I didn’t see a lot of lender vs. homeowner type cases, which should be what I’m looking for, right?

So maybe in Texas, LIS PENDENS is not the process for these preforeclosure cases?