Expense Category Madnessss

Hi All,

I’m designing a rehab/rental database and since I’m new to both (but am doing both :)) and am having trouble putting together my expense categories. It would be helpful if a few of you Pro’s could jot down some expense categories one might encounter when Rehabing and Renting.


I use the “expense categories” right off of the IRS Schedule E…I just put the amount in the appropriate category in the month that I make the expense…


This was perfect. Thanks Keith!

Just create an Excel spreadsheet with the expense categories down the left side (“rows”) and the calendar months across the top (“columns”) and post running expense for each month in the appropriate cells…at the end of the year, just do an auto-sum for each row and enter the amount on the Schedule E…

Don’t make it any harder than it needs to be: “Easy-cheesy”!