Expanding our REI, a few questions


My wife and I currently own a single condo in CO as an investment property. I have decided to expand and am looking into our first rehab as well as purchasing additional rental properties. We are middle class, have excellent credit scores high 700’s - 800, and not a lot of capital to use as down payments. I have a few questions.

  1. How feasible is it to purchase a property, rent it, and repeat? What I am really asking is will it become increasing harder to obtain financing as my debt increases? I know my income will also increase due to my rents but if I don’t plan on putting much down I’m worried that I’ll hit a brick wall getting financing.

  2. My wife is a professional property manager. She has a good track record and resume managing very large apartment complexes. Is there a way I use that experience to help up us get financing or obtain investors?

I’ll have lots more questions as I go along.