Exit strategy

Is this your intention with the property like knowing whether you are going to wholesale, flip or rent before buying the property as opposed to buying a property with no plan on how to make money off of it?

In my opinion, there are twc facets of an “exit strategy”:

(1) Short Term - what are your plans for the immediate use? This ties to your investment strategy - Buy and hold? Fix and flip? Wholesale as-is right now?

(2) Long Term - If you hold it longer than a year or so whow will you get rid of it if you need to? I just moved to a new state and our long-term strategy was to buy cash, rehab, place a tenant, and refi based on the new fixed up appraisal. The long-term ‘exit strategy’ was to refi in such a way that we could easily sell if we needed to. Another strategy might to be to hold it and be a long-range landlord.

Usually when folks talk about an exit strategy, they are talking about “if you buy the property, whatcha gonna do with it?”…


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