Exit strategy in Simple Mans terms? Double Close?

Double closing, most would say that flipping a property that you dont own is illegal and unethical. Other say doulbe closing is perfectly legal as long as the transaction is properly disclosed. Has anyone actually performed a double close? How is the chain of title problem avoided? Is it recommended to put out bandit signs to occupy the property or a blitz flier strategy? Any other suggestions to occupy a property before under contract or occupied before the execution of the contract?
Also is the lease option the most feasible way to occupy [ a property or is a lease purchase the best to sale a property?

Howdy Charlotteplayer:

I think most investors would say if you can flip a deal without owning it then way to go. Nothing illegal or immoral or unethical. Done evey day in the stock market and futures and short sales where you sell and then buy stuff. Notyhing need be disclosed to anyone but the tax man.

How is the chain of title problem avoided? What problem? You can get the deed transfered from the seller to you and then to the buyer or directly to the buyer from your seller. Your choice depending on title company used.

Any and all methods to find deals is what I would do.

Confusing questions about occupancy? Do you mean move in and live there or just control and able to show prospective buyers?