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Hi Folks,

Quick question.

When you’re in Excel® and you want a certain row or column to repeat as a header on each continuous page…where is the command in the Excel® menu to enable this?

I’ve done this before…but can’t seem to find it.


Print row and column headings or labels on every page
Row headings are the row numbers to the left of the worksheet; column headings are the letters or numbers that appear at the top of the columns on a worksheet.

Click the worksheet.
On the File menu, click Page Setup, and then click the Sheet tab.
Do one of the following:
Print row and column headings

Select the Row and column headings check box, and click Print.
Print row and column labels on every page

To print column labels on every page, under Print titles in the Rows to repeat at top box, enter the rows that contain the column labels, and then click Print.
To print row labels on every page, under Print titles in the Columns to repeat at left box, enter the columns that contain the row labels, and then click Print.


Thanks Keith…

Just what I was looking for.


You’re welcome Mike…

do you guys use excel a lot?

I use excel all the time. It’s a great tool for doing present value or cash flow analysis and even putting together an address database for doing mailers.

I use it for all of my data for my taxes…taxes are largely arithmetic…Excel is GREAT for doing the arithmetic before inputting into Tax software.


Love excel. Don’t have the Vista version yet…but I have used it and it rocks!

Since you mentioned it, is anyone using Windows Vista yet? What are their views? I know most hardware is not compatible with Vista.

But I want to hear from those that actually have it and get their views so far.