ex spouses credit card debt

I got divorced this past March 2005 and a credit card with a limit of $1700 was automatically attached to our joint checking account. It’s the only thing standing in the way of me getting a mortgage with section 8 housing. Other than paying it myself, how can I get it removed from my credit report? The bank claims they can’t find my ex and under his “no contact award” from the judge, I’m not allowed to dig him out directly or indirectly to sue him in small claims court for the balance. I’ve already written both the bank and the 3 credit reporting bureaus but they refuse to remove it. Thanks in advance

Well you do not have alot of options unfortuately

You just have to pay it. short amount to resolve it

Or keep pestering the credit reporting agency with written requests Daily and mail them daily for 1 mo.
Long time to resolve.

What does your divorce decree say? All the assets/liabillities should have been accounted for there. If not, and your name was on the original, you’re stuck.

From your post it is not clear if the credit card is joint or not.

If you did not sign anything to open the credit card account, you can demand proof from the credirt card company that you are liable for the balance. The credit card company has to provide the proof in a timly fasion. If they are unable to priovide a contract with your signature on it you can then demand that they (credit card company) remove all information from all three ccredit bureau.

You want to avoid contacting the credit bureau and providing any information. The information you provide is adding fule to the report. When you contact the credit bureau all you need to say is that the information they have listed for account xxx is incorect. They must verify the accuracy with the reporting company or remove it in 30 days.

If you signed the credit agreemnt, your choices are pay it or bankrupcy.

If you want to get some retribution for having to pay it, you could get a friend to buy the debt from the credit company. The purchase of teh debt by a third party will show the debt as sattified on the credit bureau for you. They debt still exists and is now owed to the third party (friend), and will provide a means to sue the x for the debt and collect intrest! With a judgment a lien can be placed on any property the x owns.