Does anyone know of a service that handles evictions in the Austin area?


Management companies handle evictions for a lot of Investors. Some use attorneys who are over paid for a simple eviction unless it is complicated. Most non payment of rent cases are simple and you should be able to do yourself. The JP’s office prints a set of quide lines that give you rules etc, actually it is tenant oriented which has always puzzled me. I could help you with it or even do it for you. Give me a call or e-mail

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Yes, I’m aware that property management companies and attorneys, who charge way too much, perform evictions. I would prefer to avoid those high costs. I use a couple of companies in the DFW area to do it and I’m looking to find similar specialized companies in all the major metropolitan areas in. I handle a fairly large number of properties so, I can’t be jetting all over Texas for eviction hearings every month. If anyone knows of companies that do only that, I would appreciate help in locating them.