I have did one eviction in the past and won.
This one is a little tricky.
I just purchased this 4 plex and this tenant was an existing tenant.
I ran the check at the county records and she has had 3 other evictions.
So she was late on the rent and would not pay a $25 penalty per lease. and she was to maintain the yard and she didn’t do a very good job and she wouldn’t let us in her apt or give us a key.
So 8-23-2005 we have her a ‘30 day written notice’ posted on her door.
She paid the Sept rent. She was to be out on Sept 30.
Kansas requires a 3 day notice before an action is filed in court.
We gave her a ‘Notice to vacate the proerty" on Oct 3.
Question— I need some answers by tommorrow if possible.
Should I also file a "3 day notice for eviction’ for not payment of rent?
Then drop one of them.Thanks,