eviction question

If I do a month to month lease on an apartment and I decide that I dont want to rent to that person anymore, can I just not renew the contract and evict and if so, what if they decide not to leave? Do they have the right to stay there for up to 3 months?


As before, what does the lease say?

Usually, on a month-to-month, you can give a notice to the occupant and they have until the end of the next month to leave. There really is no “contract to renew”…but, check locally about the legalities in your area/state.


thats the beauty of a month to month lease. as Keith said you give them 30 day notice and they have to honor the month to month lease.

If you do not have a commitment that they will honor your notice and you really need the property vacant it may be wise to offer to pay them to move. That should be the last resort, but if you foresee a problem down the road it could prevent you from going through with the eviction process which can be both costly and timely.

of course you would not give them the agreed amount until that last piece of furniture is out of the property.


Normally, from what I’ve seen, if you give them notice on like the 15th, they have the rest of the month and all of the next month…they usually get at least 30 days notice and vacate at the end of a month…