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I recently filed an eviction, (in Williamson County) on one of my tenants, and the papers were delivered by a Constable a couple of days ago.

I’m just wondering if it is legal to put a “For Sale” sign in the yard, or do I need to wait for him to move out? I’m very anxious to get in another buyer. Any light on this subject would help. Thanks!

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Nothing wrong with the in the yard. You may have trouble getting to show the property. Is it messy? Will the tenant allow you to show it. Tenants can be mean and nasty when being evicted. They may even destroy the sign. I have offered on rare occasions to refund part or all the deposit once they have moved to get then out early and friendly.

Just a few questions and ideas to help I hope

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Yes, you can place a for sale sign on your own property and most leases have a clause stating such. I’m no attorney, but I would assume that right exists as long as there’s no written clause prohibiting it (and why would anyone ever do that?).

If you’re that anxious, consider bribing the tenant to get out now and leave the place clean. By the time you factor in lost rent, cleaning, court costs, repairs, etc., etc., it sometimes makes sense to offer up $500 for a bribe. Just make sure you hand the check over until they’re out and the place is in the agreed condition.

Your always better off paying them $500 AND hiring the movers if you have to. They usually don’t have money to move, so give it to them. But not until AFTER they leave the place in good condition.

Your going to be out the money anyway. Cut your loss and move on. At least this way they leave on good terms and won’t trash the place before they leave. Basically, you’re paying them to go be someone else’s problem.