eviction in new jersey- did i mess up??

If anybody familiar with nj eviction law can help me i would appreciate it.

I recently filed for eviction for a tennant wo hadn’t paid rent in 5 months. Yhey didnt show up in court and i got an order of eviction. sheriff showed up yesterday to lock them out and i nicely gave them hours to get their stuff out (sherif was gonna throw them out on spot).

During those 3 hours the woman ran to the judge and claimed she had the full money and i refused to accept(lie). The judge granted her a stay and ordered a hearing fro next week.

My question is : did i screw up by giving her the 3 hours to emty out?? Or lets say i had the sheriff lock her out, could she have still gotten a stay from the judge in which case i would have had to go back and open doors for her???

You recently filed and she’s 5 months past due? Holy cow…


You should immediately sell your rental and find another business. You are not going to make it in the rental business. You should have started the eviction proceedings IMMEDIATELY upon the rent being late (not after the tenant was 5 months behind). To give the tenant another 3 hours after they had already cheated you out of 5 months rent was RIDICULOUS! It is good to have a soft heart, but not in the rental business.

Good Luck,


NJ is a blue state, expect the judge to be a liberal eunuch…he might just make you take the loser back.



Unfortunately, Ohio might be a blue state after today. I might have to move!


Nah…Red/Blue only applies in how the state swings in the Presidential elections…


Thanks for that Keith. I’m won’t be very happy to have a dem as Governor. The good news is that we’ll be able to buy houses dirt cheap. The bad news is that there won’t be anyone left here to sell or rent them to. Whatever happened to OHIO?


Good news: You’re not smart enough to manage your own affairs so the Libs are going to save you

Bad News: Your new tax rates are: 60% Federal and 39% State

Hope you can eat on 1%!


I wonder if the Libs would give me Section 8? I could rent a house from myself and you red staters could pay for it!



The first big mistake was waiting for five months. I didn’t hear you mention an “eviction attorney” involved which is the second big mistake.

No offense to wonderful members of this newsgroup, but only a knowledgeable attorney in your state laws and the inner working of your local tenant court would help you now.

Don’t waste another minute and get one working on it 9:00AM tommorrow morning before you lose any more money.

Five months! And three hours to get their junk out ?!? . . . that would have been the day BEFORE ‘eviction’ day, typically referred to as ‘moving’ day.

Holy cow is right. Yep . . . sell and move on.

Keith and Mike, you can move to Seattle, we need more conservatives here . . . it’s a wasteland of liberal communists and we few conservatives are dying. HELP!!!


I must agree 5 months is alot… heck! 1 month is lot. Hey cashManNJ keep us informed about the situation…sounds very interesting.